About Joe

Joe Radinovich is a fourth-generation Cuyuna Iron Ranger. His great-grandparents settled in Manganese, Minnesota near the end of WWI. Having lived in this community nearly his whole life, he understands the problems area residents are facing.

After going to college in St. Paul and working in Minneapolis for a few years, Joe bought a house in Crosby (as soon as he could!) to live in the area he’s always called home.

Being born into a blue collar family of electricians, plumbers, miners, and nurses, Joe knows the impact of high unemployment. He also understands the importance of providing our area’s children with an education that prepares them to compete in the economy, here and across this country. As a homeowner, Joe has seen increases in his property tax and understands the consequences those increases have for seniors and those neighbors living on a fixed income.

Joe knows that working together in St. Paul is the only way we’ll begin to rebuild our future. He knows how to fight for the issues that will rebuild the middle class while avoiding the pitfalls of partisan gridlock and government shutdowns.

Joe is a member of the Cuyuna Lakes Chamber of Commerce, Aitkin Area Chamber of Commerce and McGregor Area Chamber of Commerce and has previously served on the Crow Wing County and (former) Senate District 4 Democratic-Farmer-Labor Boards He has been a Kinship Partners Member for four years. Joe enjoys taking advantage of the outdoor recreation opportunities on the Cuyuna Range — including hunting, fishing, SCUBA and mountain biking.

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