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Hi, this is Joe Radinovich, and I’m proud to represent Aitkin and Crow Wing counties in the legislature.

Unfortunately, we’ve become familiar with all of the negative campaigning paid for by outside groups unaccountable to the residents of this district, but—as a candidate I refuse to talk negatively about my opponent. This is race isn’t about him, and it’s not about me.

This race is about which candidate has a vision for the Minnesota. This race about which candidate we trust to look out for the interest of area students, seniors, and middle class families at the Capitol.

No, I didn’t pay for this air time to trash my opponent. I paid for it to invite you to watch our debate on Lakeland television next Thursday, October 16th at 8:00pm. I trust that given the opportunity to hear each candidate in their own words, you’ll cast the vote that’s best for you and your family.

Before I ask for your support on election day, I ask you to tune in to Lakeland Public Television on October 16th at 8:00pm.

I’m Joe Radinovich and I’m proud to say that this ad was paid for by Radinovich for Minnesota.

Hallelujah! It’s almost over!

I’m Joe Radinovich, and, unfortunately, we’ve witnessed the impact of big outside money—coming from all sides—on our voting process. I’ve talked to several of our neighbors who’ve been discouraged and disgusted by the negative ads. Unfortunately, that’s the goal of those big national interests groups that come into our area to influence our elections. They don’t care about our community, and they don’t want you to vote.

I ran for office because I have to believe our state’s and our country’s best days are ahead of us. The decisions we make today set the course for our future. Even if you don’t vote for me, please, get out there and vote today.

I’m proud to say this ad was paid for by Radinovich for Minnesota.

Hi, I’m Joe Radinovich

Through all the negative advertising out there, I try to find the silver lining. I heard an ad the other day that I said I voted with my colleagues in the cities 94% of the time. Believe it or not, I was pretty glad to hear that, because what the ad didn’t say is that over 93% of the time, the bills signed into law had support from members of both parties.

After a decade of cuts, gridlock, and two government shutdowns in St. Paul, we need more sessions where 93% of the legislation can attract votes from both sides of the aisle.

Editorials in both the Brainerd Dispatch and the Aitkin Age pointed out how refreshing it was to see my work with legislators from both parties. I worked with my Republican colleagues to support initiatives like high speed internet grants for rural Minnesota, all day kindergarten and early childhood education scholarships, and I led the fight to reduce the gap between Minnesota’s richest and poorest school districts—because our kids don’t need Republican or Democratic talking points, they need real solutions.

I’ve been fighting for rural Minnesota, and that’s why I have the endorsement of groups like NRA, the Farmers Union, and Conservation Minnesota.

I’m Joe Radinovich. I’m proud to say that this ad was paid for by Radinovich for Minnesota, and I ask for your vote in November.

Hi, I’m Joe Radinovich, and two years ago I was honored to be elected as the state legislator for Aitkin and Crow Wing Counties.

For the ten years before that, our was stuck in a rut of budget deficits, cuts to education and services for seniors, escalating property taxes, and two government shutdowns.

I’ve spent the last two years working hard for our students, seniors, and middle class families at the capitol. Now, our unemployment rate is among the lowest in the nation. Forbes and CNBC have recognized us as one of the best states to do business. Our bond rating increased as we finally fixed the budget without gimmicks, and we’ve got four years of projected surpluses to show for it.

And you may not hear it enough, but over 93% of the bills signed into law had bipartisan support. I’ve worked across the aisle with my colleagues in the area to address our local issues, and I’ve got the endorsement of groups like the NRA, the Farmer’s Union, and Conservation Minnesota to show for it. With so much progress on the line, we can’t go back to the “my way or the highway” approach to doing business.

I’m proud of my work and I humbly ask for your support this November 4th.

Hi, I’m Joe Radinovich.

After a decade of budget deficits, cuts to education, and senior services, and two government shutdowns, Minnesotans chose a different direction in 2012. I went down to St. Paul to be a voice for the future of rural Minnesota—communities like ours, where m y family has lived for 100 years.

I worked across the aisle to support initiatives like rural broadband development, all day kindergarten, closing the gap between rural and metro schools, and a 346 million dollar business tax cut. That’s why I’m supported by organizations like the NRA, the Famers Union, and workers like nurses, teachers, truck drivers, and tradesmen.

Now? Minnesota was ranked the 8th best place to do business by Forbes and the 6th best by CNBC. Our bond rating has been increased, and the unemployment rate in Crow Wing and Aitkin is the lowest it has been since 2006. And 93% of the legislation signed into law was bipartisan.

Progress is good for the students, seniors and working families in our area, and I ask for help in moving Minnesota forward.

I’m Joe Radinovich, and I’m proud to say this message was paid for by Radinovich for Minnesota.

I’m Joe Radinovich, and I’m proud to say that the following message has been paid for my Radinovich for Minnesota.

I’m proud because while Independent expenditure groups have spent over a half a million dollars to influence the outcome of this race, my own campaign has refused to engage in negative campaigning.

We need people who can work across the aisle in St. Paul to move Minnesota forward. I worked with Democrats and Republicans from Albert Lea to Ada and from Worthington to Warba to ensure that 93% of the legislation we passed had bipartisan support.

I appreciate your time and ask for support on Tuesday.